Mural, Grieg Academy, Main Stairway

We had the first project investigators’ meeting at GAMUT, University of Bergen in June. Then we boarded the MS Sunnhordland to take part in the Grieg Research School in Interdisciplinary Studies While we sailed to the Rommetveit Campus of Western Norway University of Applied Sciences on the Island of Stord we discussed ideas of care and therapeutic practice.

International Fjord Summer School 2019: Session on Care in Artistic, Pedagogic, and Therapeutic Practices, Jo Parsons, speaking

Writing in the Light – a masterclass – with Professor Paul Atkinson. September 2019: How to write about the non-verbal, the temporal, the micro-micro, the aesthetic, the multi-modal? It helps to be guided by the leading lights….

Care for a Revolution? October 31-Nov 1, 2019: A wonderful conference on the Isle of Wight hosted by our project partner, the flagship Earl Mountbatten Hospice.

The Power of Music in health and social care conference, Nottingham University, 4 November 2019. A large and varied group of community music and music therapy practitioners met along with researchers and policy-makers at a conference aimed at promoting better care by bringing research and practice together within the area of elderly care. 

The Greig Research School, again. November 2019. Another superb conference, this time in Bergen on the theme of Motive, Materiality, Movement. Tia’s keynote focused on micro-analysis of music and embodied conduct.

‘When (exactly) is wellbeing? November 2019. The Social Value of Music conference at Nordoff Robbins, London brought together politicians, researchers, practitioners and policy-makers to discuss how we can better stitch-together the agenda of all of these different people for the benefit of those who really need music’s help. Keynotes from leading figures in this world. Gary’s talk…

Memory Studies at University of Rome, III. December 2019. Professoressa Annalisa Tota and her team at Roma III are specialists in ‘technologies of memory’, by which they mean cultural media. They study how memory is always collective – it takes shape in relation to available cultural images, narratives, and structured arrangements of sensory materials – such as music.

World Federation of Music Therapy. June 2020 (virtually). Gary, Wolfgang and Tia recently recorded their zoom contribution on Care for Music, for the World Federation of Music Therapy. This is a conference that takes place every six years, and was meant to happen this year in Pretoria, South Africa. Sadly, of course, due to C-19, it will be a virtual event instead. But the online community of 7000 will be there and the cultural exchanges continue undamped.

The British Academy at home 10 minute talks. Tia gave a talk for the British Academy on music and wellbeing on May 13 and answered questions. You can find it here:

The talk was translated into Spanish by Sergio Sorcia Reyes and the sub-titles will shortly be available

New book on Hope – ‘it is the dream we carry’ In her new book on hope, Tia suggests that hope is a way of keeping our dreams strong, and that keeping our dreams strong is a way of staying well and living well in whatever circumstances we may encounter. Music therapy contributes to this project, as does anything else that supports creativity and everyday resourcefulness.

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