Writing in the Light

September 2, 2019. A Dream Team for an intimate seminar on writing and craft. Gary and Tia were thrilled to welcome the pre-eminent ethnographer, methodologist and theorist, Distinguished Professor Paul Atkinson, Advisory Board Member, Dr Simon Procter, and Dr Emilie Whitaker, expert on care, ethnography, and aesthetics. Afterward, we toasted Paul’s forthcoming book, the third in his Trilogy on ethnography from Sage, Writing Ethnographically, out in December.

Emilie Whitaker, Simon Procter, Paul Atkinson, Gary Ansdell, & Tia DeNora

Our discussion was wide-ranging: ‘how much’ observation is needed to convey the embodied and experiential richness of craft practices and craft nous? How to avoid being drawn into hackneyed tropes and narrative structures? How to shift gears in the writing from microscopy to macroscopy without dropping the connecting threads? And finally, how to find words and textual formats for expressly non-verbal, liminal, aesthetic, ambiguous and often political processes? All critical issues for writing about care for music/music therapy, care, and craft.

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