What Can Music Do?

Music is there for us. It keeps us company. It puts us in mind of others. It can help to shift our mood.

So much uncertainty. Inevitable anxiety. Much in upheaval. The NHS enduring tremendous strain. And all of us, if we are lucky, at home (that is, if we have homes). And something new that doesn’t come naturally – social distancing.

This is where music can help. We can’t go to the theatre or sing with our choir or jam with our band. It is not possible to visit museums. To just hang out in parks or on street corners. Or to attend church services. But music is still there for us and it offers consolation.

At this time we’re thinking of our favourite music, registering, savouring and remembering the different times in our lives when we first encountered certain songs or works, the people that music helps us to recall (those who are living but also people from our past who may have died). Even in isolation music can help to kindle connections, memories and moods.

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